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So you want more? There is more to be had. Here are links to additional pages on the website. Just because they're not on the main menu doesn't mean they're not worth the trip!


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  • Cached Links - Pages referring to WA2IAC that may be cached on-site soon.

New Top-Level Pages

Some of these pages aren't finished yet... so stop back later as I get caught up...

Orphaned Pages

Here are links to pages that got lost in the shuffle between the site being rehosted many times and what with me dying and coming back and all that...

New Pages - not yet, or newly linked in!

Visits to Other Ham Shacks

  • Irb W2VJZ (now a silent key, Irb is very much missed. I was glad to know him and visit his shack!)
  • Chris KD2XA (a mutual friend of Matt, N2PSR)

Projects, Incomplete

  • March, 1968 Electronics Illustrated Magazine "Bare Essentials Transmitter"
    A 50C5 Beam Power Pentode CW Transmitter for 80M
    "Build This Bare-Essentials Ham Transmitter for Under $10!"

  • 6BZ7 Tube Electronic Antenna TR Switch

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