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WA2IAC's 3rd Floor Shack circa 2000

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The Radio Shack HTX-10 is a SSB/AM/FM transceiver for 10 meters only, capable of up to 25 watts PEP. It's shown here with a Vectronics antenna tuner and various project tailings. 25 feet of RG-58U connects it to a dipole made of lamp cord. Since I cut the dipole to resonance with an MFJ box, the antenna tuner isn't needed. I make more DX contacts here than in my main shack. The XYL (KB2DWG) wants the table back.

The HTX-10 is cheap ($129-$149 at this writing). It's tuning is kind of ugly. There are no hacks for expanding it on the net yet. It does the job quite nicely, however. Audio on AM isn't bad at all for a hand-held PTT mic. I haven't tried pumping good audio into it yet, but it looks like it would pass thru better than average for a modern rig.

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