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My UHF/VHF gear on hand consists of:

  • Yaesu FT-817 - # 0M050285 - although I use it more for HF QRP work
  • Yaesu VX2R - #4D160594 - VHF/UHF ~1 watt HT
  • Yaesu VX7R - not currently usable (Antenna connection internally separated)
  • Rad Shaft HTX-212 S/N 0129293 2m FM rig for use atop the refridgerator
  • Magnet mount dual band antenna as the ole' refridgerator antenna
  • Arrow Antenna - use it for satellite, but also as a 3 element 2M or 7 element 70cm yagi
  • MFJ 269 Antenna Analyzer


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