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WA2IAC Images

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This page contains links to pictures of hams, animals, people, expeditions, undocumented projects, the operating position, and non-equipment specific images. For pictures of the equipment, see the hardware page.

Pictures from the 5/4/2001 Hopkinton, NH "Hoss Traders"

Pictures of hams and hamshacks I've visited.

  • Nick, KG2IR (coming...)
  • Chris, KD2XA
  • Irb, W2VJZ
  • Steve, WN2JZJ (circa 1970, with my DX60B (before mods) and his HA350) (coming)

A short video clip of the HamStar mobile (Windstar) hamshack circa Fall 2000; the ambient sound includes music by King Crimson.

Click for Image of operating position circa September, 2000
Image is 670k (slow download) Hi-Res

Click for Image of WA2IAC getting a moon burn at 1:20AM
Low-Res (fast download) Image

Image of Current WA2IAC Station
In the foreground, the Alinco DX70 sits atop a Yaesu scope with Vectronics aunt-enna tuner and Drake MS-4. The Microphone is a Sure SM63 feeding a dbx audio processor (not shown). The strange dark vertical thing is a 900 MHZ stereo headphone transmitter. In front of the Yaesu scope is a small homebrew keyer. In the background is a Drake 4 line setup with L4B linear. That's an FS-4 on top of the R4-B. Beneath are two large 12V batteries that power the DX70 at home and when operating portable. Not shown are various boat-anchors and home-brew rigs. Circa Fall '99.

Picture is a frame-grab from a video tape.


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