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WA2IAC Hy-Power QRP Trap Dipole for 20/15m

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Here are some first glimpses of the Hy-Power 20-15 dipole I acquired in early 2011. This antenna kit is inexpensive, and shorter than a full-sized dipole by virtue of using traps.

This antenna is 29' long, and is rated to handle 150 watts CW. Stainless Steel Electrical Hardware. SO 239 on center insulator. Model 2B150Q purchased from Universal Radio in January, 2011 for $47.95 + $5.95 shipping = $53.90.

Initial rating in terms of quality of construction: "good" - I'm comparing quality with more expensive antenna kits I've purchased from Radio Works circa 2000, which I would rate as excellent in terms of quality of construction.

Hy-Power 20/15 Qrp Trap Dipole: In the Bag

Hy-Power 20/15 dipole: It's in the bag!

Hy-Power 20/15 Qrp Trap Dipole: Ready to Hang

In the image below, note how a standard SO-239's flange is "wrapped around" a pieve of PVC tubing, and connected by only two screws. This is not the most sturdy antenna construction! There are no strain reliefs on the center section or traps, wire is run through holes on the PVC tubing.

Hy-Power QRP Dipole for 20/15: Ready to Hang
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