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Field Day '99 -- Sept 3,4,5,6

In Memory of Ron KA2SAX (silent key)

QTH is East Islip, Long Island, NY. This was the QTH of KA2SAX before he passed away. Same setup as below. KB2DWG, my former XYL, is expected to operate also. Feline operators: Mincka, Chart-Chai, Bubba. This event will be photographed, and pix will be posted here.

Field Day 8/29/99

From my home QTH in Sparkill, NY (sorry, no PIX yet!) this was a one-day affair in preparation for next weekend's Field Day. Everything was set up in my back yard, but no connections to power, etc. Here's the run-down for you appliance-minded operators:
  • Rig: Alinco DX-70, running 100W SSB, 100W CW, 40W AM
  • Power: 12V Car Battery
  • Aunt Enema: G5RV, 102', 20' high
  • Aunt Enema Tuner: Vectronics "Mobile Aunt Enema Tuner"
  • CW Keyer: Homebrew with TenTec cheapie Paddle
  • Ground Connection: (don't forget this for 75/160!)
  • Log: Where it belongs (in my pants)
  • KB2DWG: Standing By
  • Unlicensed Siamese Feline Operators: Mincka, Chart Chai

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