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hy-power dangles high

Antenna Pages and Resources

  • Arrow hand-held satellite antenna
  • Hy-Power 15/20 meter QRP dipole
  • MP-1 QRP 80-6 meter QRP veritcal W6MMA "Super Antennas"

In the past, I've used various antennas including:

  • Antennas from RadioWorks (weird ads, good quality constructions)
    • G5RV
    • Dipole (Ultima 80m - great high power antenna!)
  • Cushcraft 10-15-20m vertical

In the future: I plan to focus wire antenna efforts on using at-the-antenna remote tuner solutions like the SGC. My experience on the low bands has convinced me that balancing the transmittion line to the antenna is key, and that past that, non-resonant antennas are not necessarily the death of your signal. However, I do advocate the use of devices like the MFJ 269 to configure the antennaon the other side of the remote tuner.

Antenna System Diagram

Of Interest...

  • W5GI Mystery Antenna - the mystery is why it works. Claims to be better than a G5RV.
  • Elk Antennas - hand held VHF/UHF alternative to the Arrow
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