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This page contains links to post 2010 HF gear pages. For links to pre-2010 pages and photos, see the gear page.

Pre-2010 Images

  • Lafayette HA-350 (now stolen property)
  • Viking II (now stolen property)
  • Viking Ranger (now stolen property)
  • Heathkit SB-200 1KW Linear (x2) (now stolen property)
  • Heathkit SB-220 2KW Linear
  • Swan SW-175
  • Drake R4Bs
  • Drake T4XBs
  • Drake T4X
  • Drake MN-2000
  • Drake L4B Linear
  • MFJ Antenna Noise Reducer (now stolen property)
  • Radio Shack HTX-10 (legacy page to be removed, see Radio Shack HTX-10 10 meter transceiver)



HA350 and HK Linear

HA-350 (top) now Stolen Property


Scope is now Stolen Property


Heath Scope above is now Stolen Property


Shure Mic and Stand, Keyer, Power Supply, Meter, HP Freq Counter, MFJ Box, SWR Meter, and 900MHz Wireless Audio System shown above are all now Stolen Property

Power Supply and Meters Shown Above Are Now Stolen Property

Triton II

Triton IV

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