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WA2IAC's Gear to 2001

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Why list your stuff on the web? If you list it with serial numbers, it can actually be a theft deterrent, or help recover stuff that is stolen. It's already happened more than once for me. Look for serial numbers to appear here soon! You'll see them mentioned already in other areas of this site. The practice helps me keep track of the stuff, since I have ham stations configured at various relative's and friend's homes.

Pictures on this page were taken pre-2003. For newer gear, check the pages linked to below, or on the submenu above.

Gates BC1E Pix

Click on the headline above for lots of information on the Gates BC1E broadcast transmitter, which is, unfortunately, stolen property at this time. Unbelievable, I know, for something so big and heavy (see the pictures of how I moved it to my site). The transmitter, along with a lot of other gear and personal effects, were stolen from my garage where items were stored after the fire and during the time I was recovering from my injuries sustained in the fire. Future updates of this website will provide more information about the stolen property, including pictures and serial numbers.


  • Yaesu FT-817 is a fabulous rig about half the size of the DX-70 (below) but many times the features, and about 1/10th the power. It is the best thing you can get in miniature-QRP-DC-to-light. A walkie talkie for HF? Got a 40 meter dipole in your pocket, or are you just way out there?
  • Alinco DX-70 makes a surprisingly good AM exciter (HI-FI audio goes in thru mic connector on lower left). After two years as my main rig, the finals toasted and it works only on 6m until such time as I'm able to repair it. I miss this rig!.
  • Ten Tec Triton II is a solid state 200W transceiver for 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10m. I picked it up to get some power while travelling around. Its open construction makes it easy to maintain. It lacks many features, but is lightweight and portable, especially for its' age. With a Samlex power supply, it cranks out plenty of power to get me out of the QRP category.
  • Rad Shaft HTX-10 is worth its' price so long as 10 meters is open. With a zip-cord 10 meter dipole, it turned this lab area into yet-another-shack in the house, much to the XYL's consternation. Hey, I worked more DX there than in my main shack (circa 2001)!
  • Drake TR4C
  • Swan 175 - a singlebander hollow-state designed for SSB only, but can be coaxed into AM and CW operation. Truly a minimalistic rig for its time, the low cost made these radios popular as mobiles.
  • Rad Shaft HTX-242 and HTX-252 2M junkband radios. Unfortunately, the '242 was stolen along with an SB-200 linear, separately from the other thefts.
  • Alinco DJC1T and DJC4T microscopic transceivers, 2m and 70cm
  • Home brew (pix coming someday)


  • Gates BC1E 1000w Broadcast Transmitter, 2-833As modulated by 2-833As
  • Johnson Ranger (stolen ~2007)
  • Johnson Viking IICDC (9/16/2001) (stolen ~2007)
  • WRL Globe Champion 300 (destroyed 2005)
  • DX-60B modified for plate modulation and with cosmetic makeover.
  • Rework-Card QRP transmitter viewed from above and while hanging (stolen ~2007)
  • Close up of CW keys. HiRes 55K.
  • The Drake T4X undergoing surgery to become a stereo (ISB) AM exciter. The Lemur perched on top doesn't want to become extinct, by the way. HiRes 67K.
  • Hammarlund HX-50
  • Drake T4XB (2), T4X
  • Home Brew


  • Drake R4B (2)
  • Lafayette HA-350 (see below, please) stolen circa 2007
  • Various 'SWL' radio receivers stolen circa 2007
  • RCA VHF scanner

Other Stuff (Accessories)

  • Linears: Heath SB200 (2 - both stolen), SB220, SB1000, Drake L4B
  • The scope and tuner are Yaesu YO-1 and Drake MN-2000, with Radial Shaft HTX-242 2M rig (stolen) on top. HiRes 44K.

Scope and Tuner

  • Close up of CW keys. (Stolen ~2007)



Check out the Antenna page...

The Audio Chain

  • Shure SM63 Microphonium*
  • DBX Mic Processor *
  • Compressor/Limiter *
  • Balanced audio interfaces to various rigs*

    * stolen circa 2007

My First Transmitter

The March 1968 cover of Electronics Illustrated with the 50c5 junk-box CW rig on the cover. I built it for an out-of-pocket cost of about $3. The rest came from dead TVs and the junkbox. It didn't help much until I got the Lafayette HA-350 receiver (see below). Then I worked lots of contacts on 40 and 80 driving a 30' or so wire with no antenna tuner. Hey, I was a young kid then! I got wise pretty fast from that point. Check out my re-creation of the article, with lots of additions, photos, variants, and documentation of a modern re-build of this transmitter.

My First Real Receiver

I couldn't copy any but the strongest CW signals with a GR-10B Heath general coverage receiver I built with my father. I picked this up at the Lafayette in Syosset, Long Island. It was a demo/clearance item selling for about $45 bucks. I was ready to rock, and my log book started filling up. Later, I modified it for TR switching, wideband AM, synchronous AM detection, scope monitoring, and more. Click here for detailed info and pictures of the HA350...

Pictures, video, audio, and text are all (C) Copyright 2000, 2001, WA2IAC All Rights Reserved. Please obtain permission to use any of this material. Email: my callsign at Note that email to this address may not get a prompt response.
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