IP Remote Operation Now Routine

Thanks to IP Remote Operation, my daily check-ins to the South Dakota Morning Weather net have been hardly impacted by my move. While my now-limited collection of equipment now remains packed in boxes, my ops have been affected more my by personal stamina than anything else. Well, you know how your stamina is affected by moving, right? Since I can’t and/or won’t pay for someone else to do it all for me, moving is always exhausting.

The strange result of this brave new world of ham radio is that my operations on HF have been unaffected while my VHF/UHF operations are, to the extent that my HT remains unpacked! I could use the remote for VHF/UHF, but stubbornly refuse to. So it’s all virtually in my mind.

Recollecting that I only heard of IP Remote operation about a decade ago, it certainly appealed to me at that time, but I never would have imagined it impacting me personally the way it currently does. How has IP Remote Operation affected you, your thinking and/or your operations?

73, WA2IAC