BARC Field Day 2011

Here is a raw presentation of pictures I took at the Boulder Amateur Radio Club’s (BARC) Field Day installation.

I’ll update this blog as time permits, and eventually this will become a page on the website.

Flickr photo set of all the pictures is here.

Flicker slide show is here.

The weather was beautiful, although at the end some strong winds began to take out the CW tent.

I assisted Don in attempting to make satellite contacts. On one pass, signals were strong enough that we should have succeeded, on another pass we heard signals but they weren’t great. No contact either way. I also have an Arrow antenna (this one wasn’t mine). See my Arrow Antenna Page for more.

I also worked some CW contacts on 20m and 40m. Other than a QRP contest (Flight of the Bumblebees) several years ago, I haven’t done any CW contesting. This was definitely more agressive than the QRP contest, so it was a new experience for me.

There was a SSB phone tent driving the amazing mobile beam setup. A GOTA station, and a 6 meter station that saw a lot of action. Mainly, a relaxed environment. I slept overnight in my truck tent, helped strike, and found my way home in a leisurely manner. All in all a very relaxing and enjoyable field day for me!

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