During July and into August, I’m going through personal changes… new work, and moving. Not very far. But as a ham, there’s always an extra-added dimension to moving.

Questions like: Where will I put my gear? Where will I store the gear I’m not using. Should I sell some stuff.

Even more important questions like: Where can I put an antenna? What kind/how big? Will I be able to run QRO? Or, in restricted situations like mine, can I put up an antenna at all?

The good news is that my new QTH is at ground level. I’ve been on the third floor, which presents ground challenges. But I’ve learned how to cope with those issues very effectively over the years. The new QTH is at ground level. That will change the challenge to one of getting the antenna(s) as high as possible. Looks like I’ll be able to put up my trap 15/20m dipole for sure, as well as a stealthily placed 2m/70cm beam that will be on a better path to the BARC repeaters (sure would like to work some ATV on Thurs evenings). There is also the opportunity to put up a stealth longwire, at least 300 feet. Possibly better. As for putting up something more resonant to get on 40M and 75/80M with, I can only try and experement! But clearly, the futures for putting up antennae in the new place are better.

Perhaps moving won’t seem so bad as a result.

And now, back to the boxes…

1 thought on “Moving

  1. Hi there, I was SWLing Friday morning and had a wonderful cop[y on
    the AM station on 75 meters. Playing AB listening on my trusty Drake R4B
    and SX 190.

    I really enjoyed your pictures and that Triton is beautiful…I chuckled about your
    comments relative to big brother watching us…

    The web site above has links to all my web sites.
    Just another eccentric Bamboo Rod maker..
    73 Bill

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