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Click on "Live Stream" below to hear the repeater in near real time...

Live Stream of 147.165 RRA repeater in Nyack, NY - Requires RealPlayer

Recordings of recent RRA Nets, Tuesday nights at 8PM ET
Note: Live streaming is suspended due to unavailability of a PC for use as an encoder. As soon as I obtain a PC for this use, I will resume streaming. See below regarding donation of a PC for this purpose.

If you are listening to the net live, you will get disconnected right before the Net starts. This is to restart the encoder so an archive can be made. Simply click again on the live link to restart the stream.

Note: there is an encoding delay of several seconds, plus buffering time on your client software. This adds up to a minimum 20 second delay for audio to make it from real time to your PC's speakers.

Note: the live feed is a "Sure Stream" multi-rate stream. It will adapt to the highest bandwidth available up to 60Kbps. Audio quality will vary as your bandwidth varies, particularly if you are on a modem connection. It's sometimes fascinating to watch as the RealPlayer throttles the stream.

How It's Done: The "RealProducer" software runs under Windows 98 on a 600MHz Pentium PC to encode the audio into a digital multi-rate stream. The stream goes to a Sun Microsystems server running Solaris and the Real server software. The Apache web server runs on a 1GHZ 4 processor Pentium running FreeBSD operating system. Each of the three systems is dedicated.

How you can help: If you have an old PCI bus machine that works and you can donate (monitor not required), I can make the feed permanent. The machine used as an encoder is borrowed and must be returned. If I can obtain two such machines, I can set up live streams for additional repeaters. Each stream requires a dedicated encoder.

73 - Gregg