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Ten Tec Century 21 (570)

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Ten Tec's Solid State, Analog, CW-Only Transceiver

Obtained unit serial number 570-1954 from WN0ARD on 2/13/2011.

Full Front Century 21

Stock Image of Century 21 w/ Calibrator
A stock image of an Analog Century 21 and Calibrator

What's a Mother to Do?

Plan A - build a frequency counter to essentially make it the digital version

Plan B - add a computer and DDS to blow it out with dual digital VFOs

Plan C - add a freqmite to the spot button so after it is released, plus a delay, the frequency is sent in morse as 3 digits

At the present time I am leaning to Plan C because it keeps the unit intact and disturbs it the least while solving the real issue: need for better VFO calibration. As of the time I've acquired the unit, I'm also thinking of adding a keyer inside the unit, because some of the keyer circuits I'm experementing with could be installed and operated without modifying the faceplate.

Note: as of this writing, I'm not participating in the Ten Tec community, but am considering it, as I'm having such a ball playing with equipment I could only read about (and not afford) when it was new!

The PTO was rebuilt recently, and is in excellent shape; vernier as well.


More stock images: Analog and Digital Versions

Century 21 Analog Ad
Century 21 Digital Ad

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