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Documentation is being entered as I need it. For your convenience and reliability, I am hosting all these documents; they are not links. If you can see 'em, you can click on 'em.

Hollow State Devices

Single-Chip PDM Article

  1. PDM 1
  2. PDM 2
  3. PDM 3
  4. PDM 4
  5. PDM 5
  6. PDM 6
  7. PDM 7
  8. PDM 8
  9. PDM 9

Tool Manuals

The Drake Twins were being pressed into service as the first rigs to operate at a new shack in NY that never materialized. They are now in storage awaiting the day when I have a more permanent location so I can set up a real shack. These manuals are hosted on my website in .djvu format. My objective is to replace all the .djvu format files with hopefully .pdf or something more open.

Swan 175 Single Band 75m SSB

Swan SW175
These are .gif images. Planning to use this with Drake AC4 supply since I have those. Connector is the same, so I will re-wire the SW175. Details to be posted here.

New! PDF Manual for single banders, unchecked as of 1/24/2011...

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