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WRKL 910 Gates BC1E

These pictures are fast-loading low-res jpg's (~16K) unless otherwise noted. History of this transmitter is coming. This transmitter was used during its production lifetime at WRKL AM (see moving). WRKL is located in my home county: Rockland, New York. Most recently, the BC1E served as a backup for a newer transmitter. When a solid-state PDM transmitter became the primary, this transmitter became history for broadcast use and will shortly find new life on 160m, 75m, and 40m. The transmitter was maintained and updated through a full lifetime of use. The oscillator and driver decks were replaced (the 813 became two 6BQ6/6146).
Size: 48" X 33" X 78"
Weight: 2,100 lbs
Power Consumption: 5,700 watts
Power Output: 200 to 1,000 watts max
Tubes: 2-833A's modulated by 2-833A's
Frequency Response: 30-10,000 cps +/- 1.5db
Distortion: 3% 50-7,500 cps up to 95% modulation
Original tube list: 2- 802/RK25, '45, 813, 4-833A, 2-6V6, 2-8008, 1-5Z3, 2-575

New! Pictures of the Move

Picture List

Hi-Res Images (~1MEG each!) -- most are in lo-res above:

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