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Under Construction

I am presently researching the history of the transmitter. There are many gaps and many questions. I will post a narrative here when some of the major questions have been answered.

The transmitter is a composite of two BC1E's. The label (image available on BC1E home page of this site) represents the chassis, and the plate (also on "Home" page) represents components merged into the unit (this is to the best of my knowlege). Neither of the transmitters were originally purchased by WRKL.

One of the transmitters was said to have been at use at WNEW-AM, although this has not been verified.

One of the WRKL engineers says this unit was never in use as the station's primary transmitter, but was maintained as a backup. Despite this, there were extensive instructions and cue messages attached to the transmitter, as well as redundant crystals in the oscillator deck for 910, the frequency used by WRKL.

Questions, questions, questions... stop back later to see what's been learned.

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