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This privacy policy applies to the entire site: wa2iac.com

My privacy policy is that I don't do anything with your information, nor do I provide it to third parties. Exceptions include law enforcement, court orders, people with weapons of mass distruction, etc.

However, you should note that:

  • All traffic on the Internet is heavily monitored and archived by the U.S. Federal government's "Intelligence Community"
  • If ads are displayed, all sorts of information from your browser is instantly transmitted to numerous commercial entities, all of which are busily collecting information about you as fast as they can.
  • Your ISP is monitoring your traffic, and is probably selling that information to commercial interests and the government, whether or not they admit it.
  • You may be running software applications, knowingly or unknowingly, that collect and transmit personal information for questionable and/or illegal purposes.
    • Every piece of software running on your computer will have its own privacy policy.
    • The Catch-22 is "sharing with third parties" -- the third parties have their own privacy policies (unknown to you) and you may not agree with them. Information shared with "third parties" is public for practical purposes.
    • Not everyone is honest.

Disclaimer: If you don't care about your privacy, you're an idiot.