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This wiki has a hand-maintained index. The name of the page is "Index". For a list of articles by title, try: All Pages

If you're a disorientated at the vanilla layout of Media Wiki as I was at first, you'll find this hint useful: click on the "Special Pages" link on the left column. It's always there, and your gateway to getting around the wiki.

Welcome de WA2IAC

Welcome to my wiki. This is a place for me to put information that I use as a reference and I'd like to share with those who are interested. If you haven't already been to my front door, it's the WA2IAC website.

It is sad indeed that wikis such as this are targeted by aggressive spammers. As a result of this, I have disabled all forms of user participation on this wiki. Many of the basic features (like create an account) appear to work, but don't. I can imagine spammers spending hours trying to create accounts on this wiki. Have a good time! If you are a ham and would really like to participate, please contact me (through the WA2IAC blog). If you're a ham, or at least mildly clever, you can also deduce how to contact me via the ARRL. I wish I could make the wiki more open, but I don't have enough time to police it, and I've seen what has happened to others who have set up wikis and related sites.

In any case, I really appreciate your interest.

The Chilling Effect of NSA Dragnet Surveillance

This wiki (and the blog too) has become affected by the chilling effect of the now inescapable reality that everything we do is being snooped and stored illegally by the government we fund and that is supposed to represent and "protect us" (which should include foremost protecting our freedom and privacy).

I now think three or four times about what I publish publicly, and so this wiki has become self-censored (the primary chilling effect) in that I now put writing into a private form first, and release it to the public Internet after vetting it. This is very harsh to a technological society that depends on sharing and publicizing ideas. Shame on the criminals in our government! The economic costs of the Global Surveillance State to the People of the United States of America have already grown to be incalculable.

It's not that I have something to hide... what's to hide about Linux, Radio Electronics, and the rest? That's never the point, and frankly you're an imbecile if you think that's an issue. The problem is that those engaged in dragnet surveillance will inevitably wind up using what they collect against We the People. It's human nature, and it's the reason that dragnet surveillance of We the People is an illegal activity for the government to engage in. They've already demonstrated their inability to protect sensitive information or comply with the law.

See also: History of the Revolutionary War (British soldiers going door-to-door and confiscating our private papers and effects), and the introductory paragraph to the Declaration of Independence.

Integration with WA2IAC.COM

This wiki was established in April, 2013. It is not particularly integrated with the website as of that time.

  • It's expected that will occur organically over time.
  • This wiki is not intended to replace the website or the blog.
  • The website contains historical information that pre-dates the blog, as well as general information.
  • Most "new" (post 2011) information will be posted in the blog.
  • The Wiki is for technical reference, general reference, cookbook information, and the like.
  • My intent is to put references in blog articles to related Wiki content, and vice-versa, thereby creating an entirely new and terrifying web of data dependencies.

My policy is to create pages "as needed", so this wiki has no real structure other than the wiki itself. As I encounter information I want to save, new pages will appear. The pages may be part of an external structure: the website and the blog.