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Stub for Liquidsoap Page

This is a stub for the topic of Liquidsoap, a Linux audio related utility.

Liquidsoap is a quirky and difficult, yet extremely useful piece of software. Until recently, most Linux distros were including version 0.92. Now, however, 1.x is out there in distro land. Version 1.x is more stable and offers more features than 0.92, however, the script language is incompatible. It's a major pain in the *ss, particulary if you have to deal with both versions spread across various systems.

One wonders if the software was named for "Team Savonet" hygiene, or lack thereof.

See Also

The following link (8/29/2014) has useful codec info and Raspberry Pi info:

See also: internal documentation for DRO V4 - page entitled "liquidsoap" (not available on web, sorry)

liquidsoap requires ffmpeg... see this: (8/23/2014)

However... note that as of this date, ffmpeg has gone from 0.11... (ref in above) to 2.4.2!!